Trapping Program

We acknowledge and respect the traditional activities that occur within our Forest Management Agreement (FMA) area. Recognizing the cultural importance of trapping in Alberta, we created the Trapping Program to coordinate our harvest operations with trapping areas.

The Trapping Program aims to foster a working relationship between our team and the local trappers. Together, we strategize ways to minimize disruption on trapping sites. Currently, we work with approximately 100 trappers within our FMA area. We value their insight and work hard to address their needs and concerns.

The program is managed by our full-time Trapper Coordinator, who serves as a point of contact for trappers within our FMA area. The Trapper Coordinator is responsible for facilitating meetings with trappers to gain perspective on current issues and develop practical solutions.

Our Forest Harvest Plans capture the feedback we receive to ensure our minimal effect on the trapping industry. Since launching the program in 1993, we have maintained high standards for trapper notification, mitigation of impact and trapper support.

For all trapping inquires, contact our Trapper Coordinator.