Team Member Volunteer Opportunities

At Al-Pac, we encourage our team members to give back to the community. Our volunteer programs are designed to enable them to support local organizations that they believe in.

My Time Volunteer Program

The My Time Volunteer Program provides funding to a non-profit organization that a team member volunteers for. Non-profit organizations that are eligible for funding provide services in education, health, social services, sports or culture. To receive funding, an individual must volunteer a minimum of 48 hours a year and fill out an application. We are proud to support our team members who volunteer their time to all of these great organizations.

Team Member Charity Fund

Through the Team Member Charity Fund, team members can receive biannual funding to cover their registration fees for charitable events. To be eligible, registered charitable organizations must provide health or social services and be located in one of our surrounding communities.

Our Signature Charity - Road to Hope

Find out what they do and how we Support them.