Vision, Purpose, Strategy and Values

At Al-Pac, quality goes beyond our products. It’s about our people, values and ethics. We strive to be an industry leader in everything we do, from our operations and how we work with our communities to the way we develop our team members and manage the forest. We continually explore new and innovative ideas, while also delivering our premium products in an environmentally sustainable way.

Our Vision

To be a good neighbour with $1 billion in diversified revenue by 2031.

Our Purpose

As stewards of the resources entrusted to us, we make a positive impact where we work and live.

Our Strategy

Diversify revenues through investment in complementary industries creating a diversified business hub that is differentiated by environmental stewardship, social impact and strong governance.

Our Values

We believe that demonstrating our values in our every day work contributes to success in each area of our business, not only by shaping our culture but by directing our decisions towards both our purpose and our vision.

Inclusion – We Are Inclusive

We leverage diverse perspectives and experiences to make the best decisions.

  • Treat others with professionalism, fairness & respect
  • Seek out different viewpoints & expertise
  • Promote a team environment that welcomes, encourages & supports differences

Collaboration – We Are Collaborative

We partner with others across the organization and work together to accomplish shared objectives.

  • Build trust and gain the support of others
  • Align one’s priorities with the needs of the organization
  • Hold oneself and others accountable

Achievement – We Are Achievers

We drive results.

  • Set challenging goals and holds high standards
  • Persevere in the face of obstacles or setbacks
  • Recognize and celebrate success

Growth – We Grow

We champion a culture of learning and innovation.

  • Question the status quo & explores new approaches to improve
  • Pursue opportunities to develop new skills & broaden capabilities
  • Learn from others, new experiences & structured learning


Working for a Values-Based Organization is Pretty Amazing!

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