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International Women’s Day

March 8th is International Women’s Day, a globally celebrated event to mark the achievements of women everywhere. This year, International Women’s Day focuses on raising awareness of a world without bias, stereotypes and discrimination.

In honour of International Women’s Day, we spoke with a few of our many talented team members to discuss what they enjoy about their work and advice for women pursuing a career in our sector.


Courtney Miller West is an Ecologist with Al-Pac’s Science & Certification team, focusing on environmental stewardship and sustainability in our forest management activities. Before joining Al-Pac, Courtney consulted as a Wetland Ecologist, gaining experience working on large multidisciplinary teams with members with different backgrounds and perspectives. Courtney says that the experience gained from her collaborative work is essential in her role with Al-Pac, both as part of our team culture and in her work with stakeholders, Indigenous Peoples and external technical teams.

When asked what aspect of her job that she is most passionate about, Courtney said “I enjoy translating technical information to practical solutions to meet a resource management objective. I get a lot of satisfaction from being part of science-based solutions – I think good scientific communication is the key to making meaningful impacts in natural resource management.”

Courtney’s advice to women looking to enter a career in forestry focuses on learning what motivates you. “Spend time reflecting on what motivates you. That’s where you will find professional and personal fulfilment. I enjoy what I do because I can see the bigger impact and the difference that I can make for the future. That’s what makes ecology worthwhile to me – that’s my motivation.”


Al-Pac’s responsible forest management activities come full circle with the production of our clean, wood-based, biodegradable world-class kraft pulp, which is used to make tissue and toweling, printing and writing materials, and more. Lisa Hall, our Manager of Maintenance & Technical Services, is one of our mill managers and she plays a key leadership role in our pulp operations division.

With over 30 years of experience in the pulp industry, Lisa is an engineer by trade and worked for different companies in the manufacturing sector before becoming a proud member of the Al-Pac team. “Originally, it was my interest in math & science that led me into engineering. Then it was an opportunity offered to me in instrumentation and controls that led me to working in a mill environment.” said Lisa.

Describing what she enjoys in her work, Lisa highlighted working with people and solving problems. “I like to work with people and problem solve. I have experience leading safety, developing others in their experience and knowledge, and setting improvement direction. I like to share my passion for creating a safe work team, and I continue to learn how I can make a difference within Al-Pac.”

When asked what advice she would give to someone interested in pursuing a career in the manufacturing industry, Lisa said “Pursuing a career in something that you are passionate about is key. We spend a lot of our adult life in the working world, finding something that you like is the challenge. Take the time to learn what is out there and do not be scared to change your path. Working in an industry that manages from a seedling, to a tree, to a wood chip, into a bale of pulp, recycling the chemicals, using the wood waste for green power is something that I am proud to be a part of.”


Al-Pac is consistently striving to be an industry leader in all that we do, including by exploring new and innovative ideas while delivering our premium products sustainably. Positioning ourselves as a customer-focused, reliable, innovative and progressive company involves embracing changes in technology and new processes.

Allison Moorhead, our Business Unit Lead in Information Technology (IT), is an example of the type of leadership required to embrace changes while advancing gender parity in the technology field. When asked what aspect of her role that she is most passionate about, Allison replied “I love to solve problems! At heart, I am wired to look for solutions. I enjoy having a diverse team of experienced team members by my side, as finding the right solutions is always easier when we invite different perspectives to the conversation.”

Allison describes success in the forest and manufacturing sector as something that requires both strategic thinking and teamwork, saying “When you begin to view challenges as something to be tackled as a team effort, that is when we can start to identify the potential for a solution.”

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