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Invitation for Landscape Advisory Group Membership

Al-Pac is a forest industry operator in northeastern Alberta with management responsibility over ~6.3 million hectares of largely forested land base in northeastern Alberta. Timber harvesting rights are granted through a Forest Management Agreement (FMA) with the government of Alberta. Al-Pac values meaningful community and stakeholder involvement in forest management planning. The Landscape Advisory Group (LAG) is an established forum for representatives from forest companies, Indigenous communities, government and land users (recreation, hunting and fishing, trapping, conservation and naturalist interests, and public members) to discuss issues affecting the forest landscape and provide advice to address them within Al-Pac’s forest management plan. In addition, Al-Pac has held certification from the the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) since 2005. FSC certification provides independent third party verification of Al-Pac’s responsible forest management practices, including our stakeholder, community and public engagement. As such, the LAG is an important part of our FSC certification.

The Landscape Advisory Group (LAG)
Historically, Al-Pac’s LAG has been made up of a group of up to 30 representatives from local and Indigenous communities and organizations that have a distinct interest in the management of the FMA area’s forest land base. LAG meetings are generally held quarterly, with one meeting per year held in conjunction with a field trip. Additional meetings are held as required during development of Al-Pac’s Forest Management Plan. The LAG serves as an established venue for stakeholder, community and Indigenous engagement with respect to forest management planning. The LAG is guided by a terms of reference to ensure that the interests of Al-Pac and other forestry companies in the FMA area are met, while at the same time supporting and enabling active, constructive participation of community and stakeholder representatives in LAG meetings.

LAG Membership Purpose/Responsibilities
The purpose of the Landscape Advisory Group is to provide strategic advice for development and implementation of forest management practices, assist in meeting requirements to maintain regulatory approvals and certification programs, and to foster an environment of mutual learning opportunities with respect to responsible forest
management. Further, the LAG is an opportunity for participants to provide advice and feedback into forest management planning decisions that affect them. The nature of the group is advisory; decision-making lies with Al-Pac.
Specific responsibilities of the group include:
Advising on forest management planning including but not limited to:

o Provision of advice on values for responsible landscape level forest management planning within the FMA area;
o Identification of issues that may be affected by or that may affect Al-Pac’s forest management activities in the FMA area;
o Review and comment on the Al-Pac FMA area Forest Management Plan;
o Identification of topics where the LAG believes advice might be helpful to Al-Pac in forest management planning.
Mutual learning opportunities, including but not limited to:
o Providing opportunities for Al-Pac to learn about and better understand member perspectives, interests and issues on forest management in the Al-Pac FMA;
o Engaging a range of credible experts on matters related to landscape level forest management to provide information to assist LAG discussions.

Members will make their best efforts to ensure they represent the values and perspectives of their organization or community at the LAG and agree to share information from the LAG with their organization. LAG Membership Opportunity Al-Pac is seeking representatives from local organizations affected by or with an interest in forest management in Al-Pac’s FMA area, as well as public members, to join its Landscape Advisory Group. If you would like to become a member of Al-Pac’s Landscape Advisory Group please contact david.kamelchuk@ alpac.ca.


What is the Forest Stewardship Council®?

For more information on Al-Pac's FSC certification, visit our Certifications page.