Indigenous Relations

We are committed to working with Indigenous communities within and near our Forest Management Agreement area. The knowledge that Indigenous peoples share with us through our close working relationships plays a significant role in our Forest Management Plans. We seek to develop our understanding through their input on a regular basis. Our partnerships provide us with the opportunity to work together and maintain sustainable operations.

Our Millsite is on Treaty 8 territory, the Dene/Chipewyan, Cree and Métis peoples’ traditional territory. The majority of our activities take place on public land. Community leaders review operations that occur on Treaty and traditional land through a stringent consultative process. Our Forest Management Plans are finalized with input from Indigenous communities to ensure proper measures are in place.

Recognizing that all communities are diverse and unique, we strive to align our initiatives with each community’s core values. We focus on strengthening our relationships through consultation, education, employment and economic development opportunities.

Consultation, Education, Employment and Economic Development Opportunities

We are Committed to Working with Indigenous Communities Within our FMA area.