Life with Al-Pac

We value our team members and believe that investing in their growth, their communities and our working environment is the best way to grow our team. Take a look at what makes life with Al-Pac unique.

You may wonder what makes us unique. Why would you want to work with Al-Pac?

For us, it’s not just about coming to work and doing a job. As soon as you walk through our door, you will know your career has a purpose. Every one of our team members knows how their role contributes to the operation as a whole. This sense of purpose is what gives us our pride in our people. Our team members come here looking for a job and end up with a career.

You will experience firsthand that our team-based culture values safety, open communication, productivity and quality. Within your self-managed work team, you will work together with the team to problem-solve, strategize and bring new ideas forward. The leaders in your team recognize development opportunities, and you are encouraged to participate in the professional development initiatives that we offer. This promotion of individual development allows you to continue to grow within your team and our company. We know that you will grow in your role and be ready for bigger things, and we are happy to accommodate that. Movement between our business units happens as our team members grow and develop into a new career path.

We are an inclusive workplace and are always looking for talented people. We celebrate different points of view, and people feel comfortable to be themselves. Thinking different is rewarded, and we believe that having diversity in our workforce drives innovation. We strive for representation from local communities as part of our team. Team members living in the area provide us with grounded and valuable insight.

Not only are you encouraged to grow yourself, but you will also be encouraged to help your community thrive. Through our volunteer programs, you will be able to support the organizations that mean the most to you. Our Community Investment section can provide you with more information on these programs.

Growing our youth is also very important to us. If you or your team members have older children, they can take advantage of our summer student positions or an academic scholarship program. This scholarship program offers a bursary for each child of a team member attending post-secondary, for up to four years per child.

We also understand that work should only be a part of your life, not the entire focus. We will help you find a healthy work-life balance. Options such as the compressed work week are offered, as well as a generous time-off policy starting with four weeks of vacation allowance to get out and enjoy the days you earned. These policies, combined with our culture and working environment, are what got us recognized by many prestigious awards, such as Canada’s Top Employer, Alberta’s Top Employer and Top Employer for Young People, over the last decade.

We can tell you all day about all the great experiences you will have with us, but you won’t know until you reach out and join our team. So apply for a career with us, come find out for yourself why we have Pride in our People.

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If this is the type of Environment you can see Yourself Growing and Thriving in, Apply to be a Part of our Team.