Public Consultation

Keeping an open dialogue with our surrounding communities is an essential part of our business. At Al-Pac, consultation is more than an obligation; it is an opportunity to strengthen our relationships in the areas where we live and operate. We care about how we interact with our neighbours and value public input on our operations.

Taking an active approach ensures we are meeting the needs of residents and Aboriginal communities. Each year, we present our Forest Management Plans to Aboriginal communities within and near our Forest Management Agreement area. We also engage with groups that are interested in our operations and contributions.

Public consultation helps us see the big picture and better understand our role in the community. It is key to maintaining accountable and responsible standards and allows us to grow as a corporate citizen.

Opportunities for Public Feedback

We understand that responsible forest management requires ­­­­­­­the input of others to maintain environmental standards and support the needs of our surrounding communities.

To gather feedback and share updates on our practices, we manage a Forest Landscape Advisory Group. The group consists of Aboriginal communities, local municipalities, government agencies, conservation groups, the forest industry and the trapping and hunting sector.

We provide our group members with tours of our harvest and silviculture areas, Millsite operations, energy infrastructure sites, research zones and other significant environmental areas. Group members also receive updates about our company initiatives to gain insight into our operations and contribute to our future plans.

Forest Landscape Advisory Group

Are you Interested in Joining our Forest Landscape Advisory Group? Contact our Group Coordinator for more Information.