Aquatic Research Program

Our Forest Management Agreement (FMA) area covers approximately 4.8 million hectares of wetlands. Wetlands are areas that are permanently or periodically covered by water or have saturated soils for some portion of the year. They also support unique communities of plants and animals. Recognizing the vital role wetlands play in the environment, we are committed to protecting aquatic systems within our FMA area through our Aquatic Research Program.

The objective of our Aquatic Research Program is to develop operational strategies that minimize the disturbance of a water system’s sensitive features. We work with environmental groups and researchers to increase our understanding of the aquatic ecosystems within our FMA area and explore innovative methods to maintain them. The program also improves our current industry practices and demonstrates that we are meeting regulatory monitoring requirements.

We work with various individuals and organizations to protect and minimize the impact on water and wetland systems within our FMA area:

  • Ducks Unlimited Canada
  • Forest Products Innovations
  • FP Innovations
  • The University of Alberta
  • Government of Alberta
  • Aboriginal peoples
  • Various watershed stewardship organizations
  • Other forestry and energy sector companies