Meet Jasmine, 2014 Scholarship Recipient

Jasmine is currently majoring in Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society at the University of Calgary. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree in Law and Society, Jasmine plans to attend law school. After passing the bar exam, she wants to receive her Master's degree in International Law at the Geneva Graduate Institute. It is without a doubt that Jasmine's future exemplifies the quote "dream big" as her ultimate goal is to work for the United Nations' Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

Giving to her community and volunteering has always been important to Jasmine and she manages to give a lot of her time while juggling a full course load. Over the summer of 2014, she volunteered at Metis and Treaty Days and while in school, she was interviewed for a position on the UCalgary Cares team to volunteer in the Yukon for the summer, 2015 within the Kulane First Nation. She considers herself fortunate to have been accepted to the team. Part of her training for the Yukon involved completing the University of Calgary's Native Ambassador Post-Secondary Initiative program in partnership with the University's Native Center. She is also honoured to have been offered to co-host the Indspire Youth Luncheon with Suncor. She attended this event while in grade twelve and she is looking forward to giving advice and telling her story to the aboriginal youth "who have their whole lives and full potential ahead of them".

"This scholarship has changed my life. Although blessed with such great parents, I never wanted them to be burdened with paying for my education, I did not want them to stress about taking care of me in a different city," says Jasmine. "When I received the full Al-Pac scholarship, my entire undergraduate education was secure and I could finally save money from other sources for law school and my Master's degree. I now have the flexibility to focus solely on my studies and my grades have improved from my first year."