Water Treatment

At Al-Pac, we have a water treatment system and wastewater treatment system at our Millsite. Using water from the Athabasca River, our water treatment system supplies our Millsite with water for drinking, the pulping process and fire protection. Our wastewater treatment system treats industrial runoff, the sanitary sewer and the wastewater from our pulping processes and returns it to the Athabasca River.

The wastewater treatment system functions by using naturally occurring micro-organisms to digest wastewater constituents. After the wastewater has been treated thoroughly, it is returned to the Athabasca River. In 2019, 96.5% of all the diverted water was returned to the Athabasca River.

Our water and wastewater treatment systems are required to meet strict provincial and federal guidelines. To meet the regulatory guidelines, we have incorporated a comprehensive preventative maintenance program and continually monitor the systems to ensure high treatment efficiency.

We continue to be a responsible water consumer by maintaining a high water return rate with excellent treatment.