Stack Heat Recovery

We pride ourselves on the innovative projects we pursue and the team members who enhance our operations. Our latest initiative to reduce waste at the Millsite is the Stack Heat Recovery Project. Through the project, we are increasing our energy production by utilizing the steam that our facility produces. As a result, we reduce our natural gas consumption and energy costs.

The Process:

New technology and processes will capture waste heat (steam). With the addition of a heat recovery system, we are able to capture waste heat that would typically be released into the atmosphere. The recovered heat is then used to heat our water system instead of natural gas, decreasing our natural resources consumption rate. The steam produced by the hot water system is then transferred to the condensing steam turbine to produce electricity. Through the project, we will be able to generate an additional 70,000 MW-hrs of energy.

Once the project is completed, we will be the first Canadian pulp mill to install a system that recovers heat using this technology.

We were very fortunate to receive recognition and additional support from the Government of Alberta, and through Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) to fund a portion of the project.

This project has begun construction, with equipment being installed in 2021. Commissioning, training and operation optimization will continue until Fall 2021.