Forest Planning

Recognizing that our practices today determine our forests’ future, we prepare detailed plans for our operations years in advance. Our strategies focus on securing the environmental, social and economic benefits of the forest with input from:

  • Aboriginal communities
  • Professional foresters
  • Provincial legislation
  • Community municipalities
  • Nearby landowners
  • Environmental groups
  • Forest Stewardship Council®

Forest Management Plan

Before harvesting operations can occur, forestry companies must prepare a Forest Management Plan (FMP) and approved by the provincial government. The purpose of an FMP is to map out the future of our working forests. To do this, we apply what we know about the forest in the present and determine what it will look like in the future. Our FMP covers a 20-year scope and includes every detail of our management strategy, objectives and commitments.

Forest Harvest Plan

Forest Harvest Plans (FHP) confirm the final harvest areas and describe where the harvest area boundaries, roads and water crossings are. To create an FHP, our Woodlands team strategizes ways to meet sustainable standards while supplying our Millsite with enough fibre. The possibility of losing trees to natural causes, including wildfires, insects, and disease also must be considered in the planning stage. We harvest approximately 0.1% of our Forest Management Agreement area each year. To meet this percentage, we require many skilled industry experts. Our FHP covers a one to three-year scope.

Our current forest plans can be accessed in Corporate Documents.

Putting Forest Plans Into Action.

Forest Planning is Only One Step of our Operations. Learn what it Takes to Supply our Millsite with Fibre.