Health & Safety

Getting SMART About Safety

Alberta-Pacific works to provide team members and contractors with a safe and healthy work environment. One of the key ways the company achieves this is by preventing accidents before they happen. The SMART process (Safely Managing Accident Risks Together) introduced in 1999, is a behaviour-based safety program where team members, trained as observers, watch co-workers on the-job and identify behaviours that could pose a safety risk. They then work together to reduce accidents by eliminating the unsafe behaviours.

In addition, the Al-Pac Safety Committee, comprised of representatives from across the organization, makes recommendations to senior management on how the company can improve safety.

Other important elements of Alberta-Pacific's health and safety program include extensive training, monthly safety inspections, hazard analysis, permits, incident investigations, ergonomics assessments and an incident alert communications process.

The company also provides team members with an exercise facility, golf driving range, ball diamonds, walking/running tracks, fishing pond, park, a Health and Wellness Committee and a Team Member and Family Assistance Program to provide counseling support services.

The mill site has a full complement of fire fighting and emergency vehicles, as well as trained safety and emergency service team members.

Alcohol, Drugs and Medication Policy

To help ensure a safe and healthy work environment, Al-Pac set clear guidelines, expectations and consequences for Alcohol, Drugs and Medication (ADM) usage in the workplace. It also allows for the testing of team members with reasonable cause, or if there is a safety incident or near miss. The ADM policy applies to both team members and contractors and demonstrates a clear commitment to a workplace that is free of alcohol and drug use, and medication misuse.

In addition, all prospective team members are required to complete a pre-employment test for drugs and alcohol prior to employment at Al-Pac.