Forest Planning

Maintaining a sustainable forest that has many users while securing economic, social and environmental benefits requires a lot of input and planning. The process starts with knowing what that forest looks like now and determining what the forest should look like into the future. That first step is completed as part of the Forest Management Plan (FMP). The FMP paints the big picture many years in advance. As the planning process continues a variety of other plans are created that gradually include more detailed information. The final step in the planning process is the Forest Harvest Plans. These plans are so detailed they can specify where the ribbons go within a harvest block and identify buffers to protect forest values like watercourses. Having public input early in the process is important to assist Al-Pac in following more detailed plans that honor the overall values of the people, communities, companies, and other stakeholders that have a vested interest in a healthy forest.

Note: When considering Al-Pac’s forest plans remember that Al-Pac’s forest management operating year does not follow the calendar year (January to December). Al-Pac’s forest management operating year runs from May 1st to April 30th.

All of Al-Pac’s forest plans from the Forest Management Plan through to the Forest Harvest Plans can be accessed within the various sections below. To request more information or to provide input on Al-Pac's forest plans, please click here.

  • 20 year scope but completed every 10 years.
  • Overall forest management objectives and strategies.
  • Public input crucial.

All approved Forest Management Plans within the province are available for public viewing on the Government of Alberta website.

View Forest Management Plan (FMP)

  • 10 year scope.
  • Detailed listing and mapping of stands selected for harvest to:
    • meet the Annual Allowable Cut (level of harvest that does not exceed the growth of the forest) and
    • provide for FMP objectives, such as old forest retention, watershed protection, and landscape and ecosystem management.
  • Introduced with the FMP.

Al-Pac's Spatial Harvest Sequence is available for public viewing on the Government of Alberta website. To access the Spatial Harvest Sequence by Forest Management Unit please click on the link below and look under the Timber Supply Analysis tab on the government website.

View Spatial Harvest Sequence (SHS)

  • 5 year scope.
  • Starts to detail harvest areas and main road construction.
  • Reports on harvested volumes for a five-year period.
  • Rolling plan updated annually.


  • One year scope.
  • Defines harvesting and reforestation activities.
  • Schedules harvest blocks and roads for the year.
  • Intoduced with the GDP.
  • Created annually.

View Annual Operating Plan (AOP)

  • One to three year scope.
  • Detailed harvest block design.
  • Temporary road construction.
  • Experienced field crews verify on the ground values, such as watershed protection, wildlife features and heritage sites. Input from trappers and communities incorporated.

To determine the location of the Planning Unit please reference the General Development Plan map in the forest planning drop down menu. Approximate locations can be determined by considering the Planning Unit Number. For instance PU084174 is in Township 84, Range 17, West of the 4th Meridian.