Team Culture

From the very beginning, Alberta-Pacific was determined to be a unique company, founded on a strong, team-based culture. The founders believed that the best way to achieve a satisfying and high-performing workplace where safety, open communication, productivity and quality are always at the forefront was through self-managed work teams.

Every employee at Alberta-Pacific is a member of a team. Teams are relatively small (6-15 people) that are carefully structured and trained to manage their day-to day activities, plus functions such as budgeting, hiring and discipline. Team members are expected to take initiative, provide input into team decisions and to work together to identify challenges and develop solutions.

To help build strong teams, Alberta-Pacific provides all team members with specialized training to develop effective team skills. This includes learning how to interact in a team environment, problem solving and decision making, coaching and mentoring, and directly dealing with conflict. Ethics training has also been added to strengthen the team system. The company also encourages teams to establish strong interpersonal relationships and provides teams with the opportunity to take part in fun, team-building exercises away from work.