Aboriginal Relations Strategy

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Alberta-Pacific’s Aboriginal Relations Strategy articulates the company’s commitment to working with Aboriginal communities that lie within or near our FMA area, and focuses on the following four key components: 

Consultation – our consultation process outlines a coordinated approach to involving Aboriginal communities in the company’s forest management planning process.  In addition to providing forest planning information to each Aboriginal community with an expressed interest in our forest management activities, we facilitate annual forest management planning meetings and open houses in the communities that reside in our FMA area.

Economic and Business Development – Alberta-Pacific supports economic and business development opportunities within Aboriginal communities.  For example, Bigstone Forestry Inc. (BFI) is an independent logging company established via a partnership between the Bigstone Cree Nation and Alberta-Pacific.  Since it began operations in 2000, BFI has remained one of our primary logging contractors.  The company is also committed to maximizing opportunities with Aboriginal-owned businesses through woodlands and pulp contracts.

Support for Education and Employment Related Training – we support education and employment related training programs by utilizing partnerships with Aboriginal community organizations, government and post-secondary institutions.  In particular, Alberta-Pacific participates in the Registered Apprenticeship Program and we offer our own Aboriginal Apprentice Program.  We also provide scholarships and donations to Aboriginal community schools and community based education programs.

Aboriginal Recruitment and Retention – Alberta-Pacific is committed to hiring from local Aboriginal communities, and developing partnerships with community human resource organizations is critical to ensuring our recruitment activities are meaningful and effective.  We also provide opportunities within our organization to enable the continued success of our team members.

For more information on our Aboriginal Relations Strategy, please contact our Aboriginal Affairs team at 1-800-661-5210.