Watershed Based Planning

Watersheds are dynamic systems integrating geology, geography, flowing water and biological communities that change with seasonal cycles. Streams and rivers, lakes and ponds, riparian zones and wetlands are all elements of a watershed and provide important habitat for many wildlife and fish species.

Al-Pac recognizes the importance of watersheds and their conservation. The company is committed to protecting aquatic systems from harvest practices and associated activities, while maintaining a consistent fibre supply to the mill.

Al-Pac's aquatic research program continually explores new and innovative methods to maintain the integrity of aquatic ecosystems in the Forest Management Agreement (FMA) area. The objective is to more fully understand the hydrologic system of the FMA area and develop operational strategies that minimize disturbance of sensitive aquatic features. Some sensitive features may be at risk when a road or industrial development disrupts the flow of water and isolates or floods a portion of the watershed. The program also includes initiatives to improve current industry practices as well as to satisfy regulatory monitoring requirements.

Al-Pac is collaborating with Ducks Unlimited Canada, researchers at the University of Alberta and the Forest Products Innovation partnership to identify sensitive hydrologic features, and develop best practices for selecting road locations, as well as road building techniques, to minimize disruption of surface and groundwater systems.