Al-Pac is working to transition our log truck contractor fleet to a 9-axle configuration allowing 7,800 kg more payload per trip. When the fleet is fully converted it will result in over 4,400 less trips to the mill each year.

Alberta-Pacific recognizes the Company can make a meaningful contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions linked to global climate change. In early 2000, Al-Pac established a goal to follow the principles of the Kyoto Accord and accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with the overall objective of becoming carbon neutral by 2008. This included implementing Kyoto-related initiatives to achieve a six per cent reduction in emissions based on 1990 levels. As a by-product of Al-Pac's aggressive carbon management efforts, the company pulp mill operation became carbon neutral in 2006 – two years ahead of target.

Al-Pac has undertaken a variety of initiatives to achieve this goal, which is aligned with the company's environmental commitment to minimize the effect of its operations on the air, water and land base within the forest management area.