Public Involvement


Sharing forestry plans and asking for input from the public are cornerstones of responsible and accountable forest practices.

By doing this, Alberta-Pacific is more effective in responding to the needs of local residents, Aboriginal communities and interested stakeholders. Each year we hold public meetings to present our Forestry Plans for the FMA area, also in recent years, we have consulted nearby landowners to let them know about changes to our millsite as part of our transformation plan.

Landscape Advisory Group

Alberta-Pacific organizes a Forest Landscape Advisory Group, which includes representatives from Aboriginal communities, municipalities, government agencies, as well as hunting, trapping, forest industry and conservation groups from within and around the Al-Pac FMA area.

Members of the group have taken in field-tours of harvest and silviculture areas, forest industry mill sites, energy sector infrastructure sites, research program plots on the FMA area and selected ecologically significant areas. The group also gets timely briefings from key team members about initiatives and updates about the direction our company is going.

Keeping an open dialogue is not only necessary to meet regulatory and environmental guidelines but it is also key to being a good neighbour to the communities and people close to our operations.


Our company recognizes that a variety of traditional activities continue within our Forest Management Agreement area. Trapping remains an important part of the culture and history of people in northeastern Alberta and the Alberta-Pacific Trapper Program has a goal of working with registered trappers.

Al-Pac employs a full-time Trapper Coordinator to promote cooperation between Al-Pac and trappers while trying to minimize disruption to their respective operations. Our company is proud of the high standards we follow for trapper notification, mitigation of impact and trapper support. Harvest operations are planned and implemented to have minimal impact upon the trapping industry and our notification process is initiated as early as one year prior to operations.

The Trapper Coordinator is a one-window resource for FMA area trappers to access additional resources from Al-Pac’s Aboriginal Affairs, Woodlands Operations and Environmental Services business units. Our coordinator will meet with trappers in-person to gain a greater understanding of their issues.

To contact the Al-Pac Trapper Coordinator call 1-800-661-5210.