Meet Jordan Wood, 2016 Scholarship Recipient

Jordan is attending the University of Alberta, where he is working toward a degree in the biomedical field of Chemical Engineering. Upon completion of his degree, Jordan wants to further his education by obtaining a Master’s degree. Making a difference in the world by formulating new prescriptions to cure illness is Jordan’s ultimate goal so furthering his education is imperative.

Jordan’s passion for education is what led him to begin tutoring students from his home town of Plamondon. He strives to help students achieve great things inside and outside of school and by volunteering his time, he believes he is making a positive impact on people and himself.

“This scholarship is going to change my life drastically,” says Jordan. “My degree is a five-year program; then on to my Master’s so it will ensure that rather than focusing on the burden of student loans, I can focus on pursuing what I am passionate about.”