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Logo Usage Agreement

Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc. has a reputation for quality in the pulp industry and is recognized around the world.

The corporate logo consists of two parts: the line tree device plus the company name (as shown here). Both elements of the logo must be used together since each is an integral part of the other.

The logo was designed with some flexibility to meet various applications:

The line tree device may be used on its own on certain specified occasions in a manner set as standard: either in positive colour (as shown here) or in reverse with a background. The line tree device may be used in promotional or print material only when the use of the company name would appear distorted or non-legible.

The consistent application of the logo is essential to build and maintain brand identity. The logo must never be altered or redrawn in any way. Only approved digital artwork should be used in documents and on the web.

✔ Logo Usage Guidelines

  • The preferred logo application of Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.’s corporate logo is full colour on a white background
  • The colour palette for the line tree device is Pantone 363c (green)
  • The logo can appear in black on a light background
  • The logo may appear in reverse white on a solid coloured background

X Do not:

  • place the logo on a patterned background
  • rotate vertically or re-align the logo
  • change the colour of the logo other than specified above
  • use portions of the logo
  • add other graphic design elements to the logo
  • change the logo configuration
  • distort or alter the proportion of the logo

Protective Space

  • To ensure the greatest visual impact, leave as much clear space as possible around the logo
  • At minimum, leave an area of clear space equivalent to the line tree device around the logo

When not to use the company name (second element of the logo)

  • When it is too small or distorted and can’t be read clearly.
  • If the visual presentation of the logo would be stronger without it. In this case, the line tree device may be used on its own. The same protective space requirements apply.

Colour Palette

The colour palette used for the logo is based on the print industry standard, the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®. The Al-Pac colour is PANTONE 363c (green).

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