We have a strong tradition of supporting communities near the mill site and the communities where our team members and their families call home. From providing student scholarships to supporting environmental education programs, we are happy to help out where we can.

Our community investment strategy focuses on four key investment areas. These areas guide our decisions about the projects we choose to take part in and support:

1. Educational programs - efforts are focused on community-based programs and awards that address educational initiatives, given our dependency on the skilled work force required to meet business objectives in the years ahead. 

2. Environmental programs - we are happy to support programs that encourage sustainability, habitat conservation, environmental education and community environmental responsibility.

3. Health & wellness programs - communities thrive when they have access to health and wellness programs. We support initiatives that promote healthy lifestyles through education and prevention.

4. Cultural programs - we are proud supporters of non-exclusive activities that promote effective relationship building through cultural awareness activities. This includes Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal activities. 

Requests for funding that meet any of our four key investment areas will be considered based on level of impact, benefits and needs of the community. Non-profit organizations within our sphere of influence and Forest Management Agreement area are eligible for funding.

How to Apply

Fill in and submit the funding application form. You will receive an application status notification upon completion.