Aboriginal Relations Strategy

In collaboration with local Aboriginal communities, we aim to:

  • Increase our understanding of the relationship between Aboriginal communities and the forest land base.
  • Involve Aboriginal communities in the planning of our operations.
  • Include Aboriginal businesses in our operations.
  • Invest in Aboriginal community members through employment training and scholarship programs.

Since the beginning, we have continuously worked towards our goals through four key components:


We value community feedback and involve community members in our Forest Management Plans. Each year, we facilitate meetings and engagement activities in communities located in our Forest Management Agreement (FMA) area. During these sessions, our Aboriginal Affairs team shares information about our operations and plans. Additional meetings are arranged with Aboriginal communities that express an interest in our operations.

Economic and Business Development

To promote economic growth in local communities, we collaborate with Aboriginal-owned businesses. Some of the outsourced activities include logging, reclamation, road construction and maintenance, silviculture and wood yard services. For more information on our current contracting opportunities, contact our Aboriginal Affairs team.

Education and Employment-Related Training

Our programs are designed to support community members in achieving their academic and career goals. We invest in community members through the Aboriginal Apprenticeship Program, Aboriginal Education Partnership Program and Métis Region 1 Scholarship. In addition, we donate to schools located in Aboriginal communities to support educational programs.

Recruitment and Retention

We actively seek applicants from local Aboriginal communities. All qualified community members are encouraged to apply to our current opportunities. Professional development opportunities are available to all of our team members to regularly grow their skill sets.

Aboriginal Education Partnership Program

The Aboriginal Education Partnership Program Provides Full-Tuition for Degree and Diploma Programs. Find out if you are Eligible.